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High Performance, Secure Offsite Cloud Backup Storage for Reliable Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

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What is Cloud Storage?

igloo DATA Cloud Storage is the high performance, secure offsite cloud backup storage that is included with igloo BACKUP.   Enjoy safe, secure, and scalable offsite backup for any data or any system — anytime, anywhere.

Why igloo DATA Cloud Storage?

Easy to Implement

Simply buy a subscription.  Each subscription comes with an included amount of Cloud Storage. Select any additional Cloud Storage that you need, and start backing up to our secure data centers.

Fully Integrated

igloo DATA Cloud Storage is seamlessly integrated with igloo BACKUP so you can perform secure offsite backups hassle-free!

Supports the 3-2-1 Data Protection Strategy

You can easily implement the 3-2-1 data protection strategy to disaster-proof your data.

Eliminates Tape

75 percent of small and medium-sized organizations that use tape backup experience tape failure each year. Do you want to take this risk? Choose reliable, offsite, cloud backup with igloo DATA and enjoy peace of mind!

Secure and Compliant Data Centers

igloo DATA operates in three tier 4 class data centers in Virginia, California, and Oregon.  Each data center maintains the highest standard of security and operations.  The following audit standards and certifications are maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Secure Will My Data Be?

Only you have access to the data you store in the igloo Data Center.
igloo Data Centers identify all the incoming data with your igloo BACKUP account number. Only you can access the data, whether you are backing up or restoring a single file or an entire machine.

Your data is encrypted — even before you send it.
igloo DATA Cloud Storage can encrypt your data at-source with government-approved AES-256 strong encryption before sending it to a secure igloo Data Center. You set the password and only you can access it.

Even metadata is encrypted!
All management communication between your system and the igloo DATA Cloud runs through secure channels with SSL encryption. With our cloud backup solutions, all aspects of your data are completely secure at any given moment in time.

igloo Data Centers are highly secure.
Physical security is ensured via high fences, 24x7 security personnel, and video surveillance with 90-day archiving. A biometric hand-geometry scan and proximity key card are required for access.

How Safe Will My Data Be?

igloo Data Centers are very safe.
igloo Data Centers are equipped with uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and backup diesel-generators, and are designed to ensure constant power availability for up to 48 hours during an undefined power outage. In addition, there are redundant heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), network, and UPS.

igloo Data Centers are SSAE-16 certified.
SSAE 16 is the framework used by outside entities to examine a data center organization and its internal controls. Compliance-sensitive companies often require SSAE-16 certification (including publicly traded enterprises, financial firms, and healthcare organizations).

Your backups are stored in redundant Storage.
igloo DATA Cloud Storage is our state-of-the-art, software-defined storage.

Where Will My Data Be Located?

Your data will be backed up to an igloo Data Center in the United States.