Core features

Our next generation data protection engine that captures, stores, recovers, controls and accesses data in virtual, physical, cloud and mobile environments.

Active Protection™ proactively prevents the need to recover by protecting data and systems from ransomware attacks, detecting and preventing suspicious changes to data.

Strong Encryption

Security is serious business for us.  We use AES-256 encryption for your backups and metadata that is protected by irreversibly encrypted passwords.

Flexible Storage Options

You can choose to backup to cloud or local storage locations. Implement the 3-2-1 rule with a single backup job. [local storage supported with Pro+ or Pro/C plans].

Centralized Web Console

Keep watch over your backups with a touch-friendly, web-based management console. Reduce RTOs by accessing the web console from any device, including tablets.

Disk-Imaging Backup

Protect your entire system with complete and reliable backup images of your entire system, files, and data. Choose to recover everything at once or with granular selection.

Mitigate risks with agentless or agent-based backup and recovery of your virtual machines and hosts on any of six supported hypervisors.

Protect data on your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices with an integrated app for iOS or Android.

Protect Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Active Directory — even in the cloud. Restore individual emails, folders, documents, databases, or entire systems.

Support for 20+ Platforms

Chances are very good that we have you covered with the 20+ operating systems and applications that we support.

Easy Granular Recovery

Restoring folders, files, databases, documents, mailboxes, and individual emails directly from your complete image backup is as easy as selecting from the menu.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Achieve your target recovery point objectives (RPOs) by automating your backups with simple or custom schedules that you define according to your needs.

Advanced features and functionality

Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Restore / Universal Restore technology restores your system to any platform.

Workload Migration

Migrate your systems and data to any other supported platform: Physical, Virtual, or Cloud.

Acronis Notary

Blockchain technology to prove a file is authentic and unchanged since it was backed up.

Acronis ASign

ASign is the easiest way to have one or more people digitally sign files.

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