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Revolutionizing Active Directory Protection

igloo BACKUP is the world’s easiest and fastest backup solution for protecting your Active Directory® database and domain controllers.

Key Features

Complete Active Directory Backup

Reduce RTOs and simplify recovery with backup of entire domain controllers, including operating system, Active Directory databases, settings and configuration.

Virtual Domain Controllers

Mitigate risks with agentless and agent-based backup and recovery of your virtual domain controllers on any of six supported hypervisors.
Evolve your business with domain controller migration between different hypervisors and to/from physical machines (P2V, V2V, V2P, and P2P) or the cloud.

Flexible and Reliable Recovery

Reduce RTOs by restoring entire domain controllers to the same or dissimilar hardware. If a domain contains more than one domain controller and you recover one of them, a non-authoritative restore is performed automatically and a USN rollback will not occur after the recovery.